Boudica: Clarifying Shampoo

Boudica: Clarifying Shampoo


Perfect for oily/heavy hair or hair exposed to chlorinated pool water.

Eden Organic Loves Boudica Shampoos because:
All of us who have tried Boudica products have been blown away by how beautifully they work. Our testing team is made up of a wide cultural mix and these products have worked wonders for everyone. All the products are sulphate free and gentle on all hair types, including coloured or keratin-straightened hair.

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From Boudica:
BOUDICA Clarifying Shampoo is ideal for cleansed, clear, refreshed hair. Clarifying is a salon quality shampoo and perfect for oily or heavy hair or hair exposed to chlorinated pool water. Gentle enough to be used daily, and with added organic grapeseed and avocado oils, BOUDICA Clarifying cleanses from scalp to tip leaving your hair feeling healthy and vibrant.