Millionaire Hair Mist

Millionaire Hair Mist


Eden Organic Loves Millionaire Hair Mist because:
This is an absolute MUST for dry, unruly or damaged hair! It calms frizz and acts like a medicinal tonic of beautiful oils without leaving your hair feel greasy. This organic hair & scalp tonic is a dose of vitamins for your hair and has improved the hair condition of everyone who uses it.

TIP: Once you've towel-dried and partially detangled your hair spray this on liberally and then continue to dry and style as normal. Once dry, run a little Alucia Organic Argan Oil through the ends of your hair.

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From the manufacturer:
Inspired by a traditional family recipe, Millionaire Hair Mist is made up of a blend of supercharged organic ingredients which work for all hair types. Each spray of this lightweight oil-mist deeply nourishes and strengthens hair as it combats frizz, dandruff and hair loss without leaving hair greasy.

We recommend that the Millionaire Hair Mist be treated like an Organic Hair Tonic - think of it like spray-on vitamins for your hair!
It should be used on damp hair before drying and not for styling once the hair is dry.