Married. Mum. Health Club Owner

My husband, Charlie, and I own Eden Fitness, West London’s premier health club. 

Before becoming a wife and a mother I spent 10 years working in the pharmaceutical & surgical industry.

Amongst many of my wonderful experiences in the health industry there were key aspects regarding the Western reliance on prescribed medicine that caused me to become discontented. 

We are responsible for looking after our bodies and our health. However, what I saw was people handing that responsibility over to our health services and pills. 

In 2009, I nearly died after suffering a bad reaction to a vaccine. I lost my vision (temporarily, thankfully!) I couldn’t walk or talk... It took handfuls of pills each day to keep me alive. It took me a year to learn how to walk properly again & around 8 months to talk coherently.

As I healed, I developed a passion for learning about everything to do with living a brilliantly healthy & joyful life. However, I found most websites to be a minefield of what to do and what not to do. Everything required draining amounts of research & cross-investigation. This “health thing” was a hassle... And for a while, I caught myself turning into a complete Obsessive Compulsive fanatic with a fear of becoming ill again. In the midst of this, I reconnected with my faith in a real and practical way. It also caused the right information to come my way, at just the right time. Every time. My faith helped me renew my mind and find peace in my life. It was from this place that I vowed to develop a way to bring health & wholeness to others in an easy, unbiased & professional way. 

And that is how the Eden Organic dream was born.


It's our relationships that make us rich.



Wife. Mother. Lover of people.

My husband, Christian, and I work in leadership, mentoring and branding. 

One of my passions is to see people live abundant lives - spirit, soul and body. Why? Because for a lot of my life I felt like I lacked life in all three of those areas. 

As a teenager I had an incredibly unhealthy relationship with my body and food. I suffered with an eating disorder for the best part of 5 years and this dramatically affected the way I related to anything to do with healthy living.

It was through my faith and being surrounded by people who championed me on in my journey that I overcame these things.

When I became a Mum I learned to really love my body! But, I also began to question what I put in it. It was nurturing my children that caused me to re-think what we eat and the products I use; suddenly good, wasn’t good enough. 

I love all things beautiful! And, for a long time it seemed that organic and chic just didn’t go together - that healthy living somehow couldn’t be stylish - and that just wan’t me!
As brand and design curator I always aim for high end visuals. However, it is only brands that are authentic in their values that carry authority. These are the the kind of brands I wanted to create. 

Relationships are the wealth in my life. And I became a richer woman the day I met Claire. As we did life together, had fun, laughed, cried, challenged one another and championed one another on, it seemed that our dreams aligned. Dreams for us, our families and the people we love, to live whole and healthy lives - spirit, soul and body. 

And that is how the Eden Organic Team came alive.