Antipodes: Ananda Antioxidant Gentle Toner

Antipodes: Ananda Antioxidant Gentle Toner


Eden Organic Loves the Ananda Antioxidant-Rich Toner because:
It relieves stressed, damaged & tired skin. We love this so much we have one at home & one in our handbags! The powerful antioxidants can help to regenerate healthy cells, increase lipid content and decrease moisture loss. 

TIP: spritz a fine mist of Ananda over your makeup to set it! Just fan-dry and then pat gently with powder brush. It is the perfect, clean replacement to commercial setting and fixing sprays!

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From Antipodes:
Bring bliss to stressed skin as premium botanical extracts blend with the natural minerals in pure 15,000-year-old Waiwera artesian water* that springs from deep within the New Zealand earth. Discover for yourself the secret enchantment of exquisite Bulgarian rose oil, with the petals from thousands of handpicked roses required to make a single precious drop.

ELEMENTS OF BEAUTY: Waiwera mineral water * Mamaku black fern * Raspberry seed oil