Antipodes: Rejoice Light Facial Day Cream

Antipodes: Rejoice Light Facial Day Cream


Eden Organic Loves the Rejoice Light Day Cream because:
It gives the feeling of a luxury moisturiser without oiliness. Those on the EO team who have oily skin love this gentle, light day cream which enhances the skin’s hydration without adding extra grease. The Manuka Flower Oil has antibacterial and healing properties that assist spot and blemish-prone skin. Scientifically shown to stimulate Type 1 collagen production by up to 59% - that’s the “soft as a baby’s bum” type of collagen! 

TIP - If you have combination skin this cream is perfect for matt-ifying the skin before applying your make up base.

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From Antipodes:
A light and non-oily facial day cream to enhance your skin's natural hydration. All-organic ingredients of manuka flower and avocado oil combine with macadamia and jojoba to balance and moisturise. Manuka flower oil has antibacterial and healing properties. Retain youthful skin with the extraordinary collagen-boosting powers of avocado oil. This cream boasts joyful fragrances of sweet almond and vanilla pod.

ELEMENTS OF BEAUTY: Manuka * Avocado oil