Antipodes: Manuka Honey Day Cream

Antipodes: Manuka Honey Day Cream


Eden Organic Loves the Manuka Honey Skin-Brightening Day Cream because:
The bee-venom in this eye cream is an absolutely brilliant anti-ageing and natural skin-brightening ingredient which does wonders for puffiness. This beaut of a day cream is also brilliant for the appearance of fine lines. 

Rest assured, this family-run business kindly and gently collect the bee venom without harming any of their beloved bees!

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From Antipodes:
Restore a light and fresh visage with this bioactive day cream. Bee venom and mamaku black fern provide a gentle lifting effect. World-famous manuka honey Active 20+ with natural antibacterial properties helps address any skin blemishes. Revolutionary Vinanza antioxidants from grape seeds and kiwi work with peony flower for the ultimate skin-bright finish.

ELEMENTS OF BEAUTY: Manuka honey Active 20+ * Bee venom * Vinanza Grape & Kiwi

Pure Plant Fragrance: Honey