Weleda: Children | White Mallow Body Lotion

Weleda: Children | White Mallow Body Lotion


Eden Organic Loves Weleda White Mallow Body Lotion because:
It is safe to use on our precious babies! White Mallow is well known for wrapping supersensitive, dry & atopic skin in a cool, protective and mildly resistant layer which also soothes itchy or dry skin.

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From Weleda:
Weleda asked midwives to advise on the perfect moisturising lotion, and they helped us choose the most delicate formula we’ve ever made. Organic white mallow extract wraps baby in a cooling protective layer, kind- hearted pansy extract soothes irritation, and organic coconut and sesame oils nurture the skin. The fragrance free body lotion relieves itchiness and provides a pleasant cooling sensation on the skin. Thanks to carefully selected natural ingredients our White Mallow Body Lotion has a pleasant, mild scent without essential oils. For delicate skin that needs cosseting – especially in a family who already know sensitivity and allergy.

Suitable for vegetarians.