Aromatherapy Associates: Deep Relax Bath And Shower Oil

Aromatherapy Associates: Deep Relax Bath And Shower Oil


Eden Organic Loves the Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil because:
It’s great for Insomnia, Shock or Trauma. Excellent for shift workers and jet lag. This powerful scent contains a natural sedative - VETIVERT, along with sandalwood & camomile and will send you into a state of slumber once applied.

*Not recommended for those suffering from depression - instead try Inner Strength or Support Equilibrium.

*Not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding Mamas.

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From Aromatherapy Associates:
Treat yourself to the deeply relaxing powers of Vetivert, Camomile and Sandalwood with our multi-award winning Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil. Camomile helps to calm the mind and body. Vertivert acts as a natural sedative and Sandalwood comforts you. This bedtime indulgent treat will allow you to experience a tranquil and relaxing night’s sleep. If you suffer with an overactive mind or insomnia your best night’s sleep is guaranteed with Deep Relax.