Aromatherapy Associates: Inner Strength Bath And Shower Oil

Aromatherapy Associates: Inner Strength Bath And Shower Oil


Eden Organic Loves the Inner Strength Bath & Shower Oil because:
Inner Strength is beautifully formulated for those who need uplifting and emotional strengthening during difficult times. The Rose ingredient is a natural anti-depressant, Clary Sage is a natural “laughing gas”, there is frankincense for clarity, grounding & focus, and cardamom has long been revered as contributing towards building our strength.

*Not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding Mamas.

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From Aromatherapy Associates:
Indulge in the power of aromatherapy and enjoy a mindful moment during your bath or shower time with our unique blend of Inner Strength. Winner of the Best Bath & Body product at the CEW Awards 2016, this luxurious Bath & Shower Essential Oil works to deliver positive and uplifting results with its unique blend of Clary Sage, Frankincense and Cardamom leaving you with emotional comfort and strength.